Our Services

Data Center Environmental Monitoring Systems

Our Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) have been developed from the knowledge of the life cycle and functional principle of data centers for site monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Water Leak detection and Physical Intrusion.

Structured Cabling solutions

Structured Cabling solutions provide the infrastructure to support all your communications requirements.
Local Area Network (LAN) Solution with designed and implemented using Fiber Optic and UTP cables according to the ITU standards.
Wide Area Network (WAN) Connecting two or more LAN’s to each other directly or through the Internet using: Dialup, DDN, FrameRelay, ADSL, MPLS, VPN or Wireless.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) has ability to manage multiple communications modalities over an IP infrastructure to deliver improved collaboration, cost savings, and increased efficiency through rapid decision-making. At its fullest extent, UC encompasses every technology that integrates voice with other communications applications – email, instant messaging, presence, Web and video conferencing, and more.

Security solutions

Security Solutions includes securing static files that are stored on systems against tampering or unauthorized modifications. And also, includes securing files that are moving from system to another using various types of data communication links. Authentication and encryptions are the most widely used techniques to ensure data security. So Firewall and intrusion deduction systems are examples of security hardware, Antivirus systems and host-based IDS are examples of security software.

Data Center/Site Preparation

SUPPLY CHANNELS provides all the resources necessary to satisfy the most complex needs of today’s technologically advanced data centers.
◼️ Power Distribution and Conditioning
◼️ Fire Detection and Suppression
◼️ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
◼️ Access Raised Floor